White Papers

Small Wind in Puerto Rico: It Works
Paper Author: Chris Hildreth
Date Published: September, 2009
Abstract: Small Wind is a relatively new concept in an industry which has been dominated by images of large wind farms, long construction periods, and hefty levels of capital investment.

Small Wind en Puerto Rico: Sí Funciona (Spanish)
Paper Author: Chris Hildreth
Date Published: September, 2009
Abstract: En una industria que ha sido dominada por imágenes de enormes parques eólicos, largos períodos de construcción y altos niveles inversión de capitales, Small Wind es un concepto relativamente nuevo.

Wind Project Risk Assessment and Valuation
Paper Author: Pramod Jain
Date Published: August, 2009
Abstract: The objective of this whitepaper is to present a framework for assessing the risk of a project and strategies for mitigating the risk.

Sustainable Energy Solutions For Facility Managers
Paper Author: Pramod Jain
Date Published: July, 2009
Abstract: Utility scale wind farms with 10MW and higher capacity have become popular. This presentation will instead focus on commercial applications in the range of 50KW to 2,500KW that use one turbine.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Small Wind Project
Paper Author: Pramod Jain
Date Published: June, 2009
Abstract: A large fraction of small wind projects turn out to be subpar financial investments because of simple mistakes made in the initial phases of project development. This paper provides simple steps that can be taken to ensure a more viable project from the performance and financial perspectives.

Enthusiasm and the Economic Impact of the Stimulus
Paper Author: Joseph Wiley, Brian Wiley
Date Published: May, 2009
Abstract: An overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 including a recap of features of the stimulus legislation that apply to the tax-paying segment and features that apply to the tax-exempt segment.

Renewable Energy and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification
Paper Author: Pramod Jain
Date Published: April, 2009
Abstract: In the recent years there has been a big push toward attaining LEED certification of buildings. This whitepaper will describe the relationship between renewable energy and LEED points, and explain why the lifecycle cost of a LEED project may be lower with renewable energy generation.

Truth in Rated Capacity of Turbine
Paper Author: Pramod Jain, Glenn Mauney
Date Published: April, 2009
Abstract: A concise analysis of what a turbine’s rated capacity means, how the rated capacity is determined, and how to quickly verify a manufacturer’s power rating and power curve.

SODAR For Wind Projects
Paper Author: Pramod Jain
Date Published: Nov, 2008
Abstract: An innovative, economical, and flexible technique for using SODAR with the aim of significantly enhancing the accuracy of wind measurements in complex terrain.


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