Reduce your utility bill.

Plain and simple. Small wind solutions can reduce electricity bills by 50 to 90%, given the right conditions. Perhaps this is why the market grew 78% in 2008? Contact us to explore your potential cost savings with our small wind study.


Take control of your energy spend.

Utility prices continue to rise at a rapid pace. Wind projects provide the stability you need in today’s tough economic times. Energy independence. It’s a beautiful thing.

Sustainability. Within budget.

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing and competitive sources of energy generated today, and small wind projects are becoming increasingly affordable, as availability of incentives and financing options grow. For small businesses, schools and municipalities, clean and affordable energy is now within reach.


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Sustainable Energy Solutions For
Facility Managers.

Boost your image.

Boost your image and reduce your carbon footprint by using a 100% clean and renewable energy source. Implementing a small wind project for your small business, farm, school or municipality is a cost-effective way to support sustainable practices and demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

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