Our Services

Although our primary experience lies in wind energy, many of our projects also involve solar, geothermal, lighting efficiency, and most recently microgrid development with energy storage and facility integration.

Our experience is deep in having worked on hundreds of projects, conducting wind and solar resource analyses for projects ranging from 50kW to large wind farms of 80MW or more. In fact, our experience includes the creation of high resolution wind maps for several large counties. Our clients include the federal government, state governments, municipalities, universities, large manufacturing facilities, island nations, and we have worked projects in South America, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

Every project differs! Whether in project and engineering design, the political or regulatory environment, interconnection sensitivities, land or easement issues, contracts negotiations, selecting the right Balance of Plant contractor, or with managing project finance and quality control, our mature experience and project acumen get the job done.

Our project management focus is with placing our client in the best possible position in terms of the right energy solution for the facility, proper integration, ensuring best possible equipment, minimizing costs, creating accountability in all facets of project completion, and creating and maintaining strong lines of communications with our project team.

We tackle problems head-on, and never turn to the easy way out. Our goal is complete client satisfaction!

Our consulting services occur in the early stages of project development, and our tactics are based upon eliminating risk at the earliest project stages, analyzing the renewable resource with state-of-the-art software and techniques, determining facility power requirements, selecting the best equipment, ensuring financial viability, plotting interconnection options, and conducting all feasible analyses the project requires; whether, environmental – wildlife – aviation – microwave interference - land issues – political – legal – and, financial. Essentially, overturning every stone before moving on to equipment selection/negotiation and the Project Management and Oversight phase.

- Preliminary Wind Resource Assessment
- High Resolution Wind Resource Mapping
- Meteorological Tower installation
- Site Data Collection and Analysis
- Preliminary Solar Resource Assessment

- Microgrid Suitability Assessment
- Energy Plan Development for institutions and facilities
- Electrical Loads Analysis

- Noise Impact Analysis
- Shadow Flicker Analysis
- Zone of Visual Influence Analysis
- Microwave Interference Analysis
- NTIA/FAA Impact Filings
- Wetlands & Wildlife Analysis

- Detailed Financial Modeling
- Economic Impact Assessment

- Utility options
- Wind turbine and solar equipment comparisons (production, quality and cost) using the specific resource present at the site
- Wind, solar, geothermal equipment selection through soliciting proposals from highest performing equipment manufacturers in a competitive process
- Easements

- Project Engineering Design (Civil/Electrical/Structural/Mechanical) enables checks and balances in project implementation
- RFP Drafting and process management based upon engineering design and equipment selection
- Balance of Plant Contractor selection through competitive selection based upon quality, cost, and past experience
- Utility Negotiations for energy sell-back, interconnection
- Manufacturer Supply Agreement Negotiations
- Operations and Maintenance Agreement Negotiations
- Project financial management
- Owners Representative on site during construction, commissioning and interconnection. Ensure quality control, safety and provide central communications link
- Project close-out and document control

Our Experience