ECC Engineering/Army Corps of Engineers

ECC Engineering/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Wind Resource Analysis

Economic Modeling

Microwave Analysis

Environmental Impact Study


Studies Performed: PWRA, Environmental Reports, PSRA, Project Oversight, Electrical Engineering Analysis, Interconnection Application, Turbine Siting & Optimization, Solar Siting, FAA/NTIA, Wetlands & Wildlife Study, Detailed Financial Modeling, Electrical Diagraming, Microwave Interference Analysis

ECC approached WECC to assist in developing a renewable energy project for the Army Corps of Engineers in Nebraska. The original goal was to use wind turbines to offset the energy needs of multiple lift stations. WECC performed wind resource assessments modeling a variety of turbines in the wind conditions at the project site.  A number of siting challenges caused the turbines to be re-sited multiple times as the project progressed. Ultimately the siting challenges proved too great and WECC performed a solar resource assessment and siting that led to the installation of 25kW photovoltaic installations at two project sites. WECC provided assistance in managing the interconnection application process with the utility while providing general oversight of the installation process.