A new standard for government agencies across the globe.

In addition to the benefits of energy savings and earnings, the use of renewable energy is becoming a new standard for government agencies across the globe. Governments at all levels are continuing to mandate renewable energy usage standards with aggressive goals, and Obama's economic stimulus package provides several financing options for doing so.


At Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting, we possess the right people, processes and partnerships to help you achieve those goals. We specialize in putting together the right plan of action for every client every time.


By merging consultative, scientific and contracting expertise we can deliver comprehensive renewable energy solutions to carry you FROM BEGINNING to WIND. Partnering with WECC to achieve your energy goals offers…


  • Sustainability. Reduce your dependence on foreign fossil fuels and take advantage of one of the fastest growing and competitive sources of energy. Diversify your energy sources to assist in meeting government agency mandates.
  • Intelligence. From initial assessment to commissioning, our world-class team of professionals employs only the finest methods available to navigate the complex options for project financing to maximize returns and minimize mission impacts.
  • Environmental Protection. Conserve your natural resources and combat climate change with a 100% clean and renewable energy source.

For more information regarding WECC’s services and how we might be able to assist you in achieving your energy goals, feel free to contact us.

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