Dollars and sense delivered.

With over $20 billion in renewable energy incentives available from the economic stimulus package, investment in renewable energy has never seemed so attractive. Major tax credits and grants make wind projects a financially viable option for individuals or businesses interested in diversifying their investment portfolio. From investment to profit, WECC is dedicated to providing…


  • Intelligence. Whether developing or investing in a renewable wind project, a thorough understanding of your project potential and associated risks is critical. The knowledge and expertise WECC brings to the table enables confident and intelligent business decisions throughout the entire process.
  • Turnkey Solutions. By merging consultative, scientific and contracting expertise, we have simplified the process by providing a one-stop solution for all your renewable project needs. Our comprehensive services prove valuable in saving you time and money.
  • Superior Returns. We possess the right people, processes and partnerships to carry your project From BEGINNING to WIND. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations and genuine concern for your bottom line ensures unparalleled results.

For more information regarding WECC’s services and how we might be able to assist you in achieving your energy goals, feel free to contact us.

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