New technology brings the benefits of wind to coastal regions.

Are cyclonic conditions preventing development of your wind project?

Are you in a coastal area? Some of the best wind resources are located along the coast. Take advantage of that wind resource with Vergnet's hurricane-proof turbine technology. If you thought cyclonic conditions prevented you from developing a wind project, think again. WECC brings the benefits of wind to coastal areas.


Innovative solutions for cyclonic conditions.

With Hurricane Dean approaching in August 2007, 216 Vergnet turbines across three islands were brought down to safe position within 14 hours. No damage was reported and the turbines were up and running again four days after the storm passed. Now that's Impressive.


For over twenty years, The Vergnet Groupe has been designing wind farms and wind turbine generators. Their distinctive two-bladed turbines were designed for high efficiency in extreme weather conditions. Learn more about the Vergnet technology.


Got a coastal wind project in mind?


We'd love to hear about it. Get in touch or schedule a web consultation today. Make sure to ask about available incentives including economic stimulus, which can offset project costs by 30% or more.






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