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1st  WECC Puerto Rico Partner Crater Lake Renewable Newsletter Available

Jacksonville, Florida
October 27, 2009

WECC recently created a partnership with the Crater Lake Group of Puerto Rico in the form of Crater Lake Renewable.  First Puerto Rico Wind Energy Newsletter issued.  Read More

Small wind in Puerto Rico: It works!

Jacksonville, Florida
August 20, 2009

WECC has formed a strategic alliance with Crater Lake Group (CLG), a consulting company in Puerto Rico to promote wind projects.  At the Second Renewable Energy Convention of Puerto Rico & the Caribbean, CLG introduced a campaign: ‘Small Wind in Puerto Rico: It Works!’ targeted at industrial, commercial and government installations.  Read More

Free renewable wind energy assessments now available online

Jacksonville, Florida
August 21, 2009

A valuable tool for anyone looking to offset and stabilize their energy costs was recently unveiled by Wind Energy Consulting & Contracting, Inc. (WECC) when their FREE WindSight Assessment tool became available online.  Read More

WECC sponsors IFMA's 2009 World Workplace Conference & Expo

Orlando, Florida
October 7-9, 2009

WECC is excited to announce its participation in the 2009 Work Workplace Conference & Expo.  The conference draws attendees from all over the world and from a variety of workplace-related industries, including technology, engineering, architecture, design, security, real estate and facility management. This is the last opportunity in 2009 for Facility Managers to learn the benefits of wind from the WECC experts in the industry. WECC is also excited to announce that Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Pramod Jain has been selected to present at the conference, speaking on the topic of "Sustainable Energy Solutions for Facility Managers: One-off and small wind projects." Please stop by and visit us at booth 717 in the Green Section of the floor.  You may also register to have a one-on-one meeting with a wind consultant by clicking register. Read More | Register

Brian Wiley selected to present at the Behavioral Finance & Economics Research Symposium

Chicago, Illinois
September 23-25, 2009

Brian Wiley, of Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting Inc. (WECC), was selected by the Academy of Behavioral Finance & Economics to present "Reducing Uncertainty in Decision Making" relative to wind project development at this year's Behavioral Finance & Economics Research Symposium. Brian oversees WECC's financial modeling process for small to utility scale projects. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. at Walden College.

Dr. Pramod Jain chosen to bring small wind expertise to Wind Expo 2009

Panama City, Panama
September 2-4, 2009

WECC’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Pramod Jain, was selected to present “The Do's and Don’ts of Small Wind” at the second annual Latin American Wind Power Conference and Exhibition. Wind Expo 2009 will focus on “integrating wind power into the Latin American energy matrix”. Small wind turbines are being installed at a rapid pace to power small businesses, buildings, malls, houses, and a variety of other applications. Dr. Jain’s intent is to address the primary reasons for poor performance of small wind turbines and provide a framework for successful projects... Read More

Small wind - Buyer beware!
July 9, 2009

There seems to be a growing abundance of misleading, if not deceptive advertising and false or unrealistic claims by many manufacturers. These take the form of claiming higher energy output, faster payback periods (using higher than what can normally be expected wind speeds in their energy calculations), and other types of unethical claims and behaviors. But help is on the way...Read More

Production Tax Credit (PTC) vs. Investment Tax Credit (ITC) – You can’t have both

Evaluating which incentive offers the greatest financial benefit to your project
July 7, 2009

The passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 brings both change and confusion to the process of selecting the most beneficial incentives for wind projects. In the past, only the PTC was available for wind projects over 100kw. Now with the addition of the ITC, it is important to quantify the relative value of the PTC in comparison to the ITC so you can make the best decision for your project. The important factors to consider when evaluating your options are cost of installation and the expected capacity factor (which determines the amount of energy that the project will produce). Read More

Impact of variability and uncertainty of wind resources on the grid
July 3, 2009

What happens when wind is strong (high supply) and there is low demand on the grid? What happens when there is no wind (low supply) and demand is high on the grid? This blog provides a background on how the grid traditionally handles variability in demand and supply, and how it would handle the variability of wind energy.  Read More

Small wind - Is it right for you?
July 2, 2009

The search for affordable and sustainable energy sources in today’s struggling economy may have you looking toward the small wind market. Before thinking any further about a small wind project, consider the following...Read More

Alternative energy sources gaining popularity as cost savers

Jacksonville Business Journal
June 12, 2009

Florida isn’t called the sunshine state for no reason. The sun is brighter in this state than a lot of other areas around the country, so this is an ideal location for using solar energy technology in business...“Everyone thinks of Florida as the sunshine state, not as the wind state,” he said. “But there is a lot of wind that comes in from the coasts. And we are really starting to see things pick up with all of the incentives from the stimulus and the government.”... Read More

Will your small wind investment pay off?

Items to consider before diving into a small wind project
June 5, 2009

Small wind turbines – those with power ratings of less than 100 kW – are being installed at a rapid pace.  Unfortunately, a large fraction of these projects produce less energy than advertised as a result of insufficient upfront planning and analysis.

WECC's "Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Small Wind Project" provides simple steps that can be taken to ensure a more viable project from the performance and financial perspectives. Have you done your homework?…Learn more about how to realize a positive economic return from your small wind project. 

Wayne Hildreth addresses the economic viability of wind projects along Georgia’s coast

Midway & Savannah, Georgia
May 21, 2009

Wayne Hildreth, President and CEO of Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting Inc. (WECC), made two presentations to audiences in the town of Midway, Georgia and later in the day at the Oatland Island Wildlife Center in Savannah, Georgia, addressing the potential for single turbine and small distributed energy wind projects in and around coastal Georgia.  The potential is strong based on studies completed by WECC and other entities to design economically viable wind projects along coastal Georgia that will positively impact and mitigate monthly electrical expenditures for commercial facilities, school districts, municipalities, or any structure that consumes electricity. Mr. Hildreth was invited to speak on behalf of Rita Kilpatrick, the Georgia Policy Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. WECC has continually and actively participated in the Georgia Wind Working Group and the Georgia Offshore Wind Working group for the past two years as led by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Use of Wind Turbines to Capture Energy from Air Exhaust
May 21, 2009

There are several air exhaust applications where large volume of air is pumped externally continuously. Examples are: Coal mines; covered parking lots; and, industrial air handling systems. The first two applications extract contaminated air necessary to maintain satisfactory air quality, and the third application is to use air to transport materials, remove moisture, etc.

Now is the time to communicate with our elected officials!
May 21, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, also known as the “Economic Stimulus” package provides several alternatives for improving the economics of potential wind projects. Now is the time to let your elected officials know of your interest, and what you are doing about it. Read More

Energy, Economic Impact of the Stimulus, and Enthusiasm
May 18, 2009

An Overview of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 – The Stimulus Legislation… in recap form is now posted on our website “from beginning to wind.com.” It relates to both the features of the stimulus legislation that apply to the tax-paying segment and features that apply to the tax-exempt segment is now posted on our website It provides an update on the extension of the Production Tax Credit and the expanded Investment Tax Credit are described here. In addition the update describes some additional aspects of the incentives and features of the stimulus package that are favorable for those involved in wind energy projects. Read More

IEC Classification of Turbines: Selecting the right turbine for the site based on wind data
May 13, 2009

The International Electro technical Commission (IEC) creates and publishes standards for wind turbines among other electrical and electronics equipments. The IEC 61400 deals with wind turbine generators (WTG). This blog entry will explain turbine classes. Turbine classes are determined by three parameters the average wind speed, extreme 50-year gust, and turbulence. The following table explains the classifications. Read More

Wind Energy from Rooftop Turbines—Does it make sense?
May 12, 2009

There is immense interest in capturing wind energy with turbines installed on rooftops. This blog entry and the associated whitepaper will answer the questions: Does it make sense to place a wind turbine generator on a roof?

Examples of prominent rooftop installs include: Twenty 1KW Aerovironment turbines at Boston's Logan Airport, the Brooklyn Naval Shipyard, and on top of comedian Jay Leno's garage. Read More

Dr. Pramod Jain set to speak at WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition

Chicago, Illinois
May 7, 2009

WECC's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Pramod Jain, will present "Met-tower and SODAR Hybrid: Reducing Cost and Improving Accuracy of Wind Measurements" during Wind Power's scientific session. WINDPOWER 2009 Conference and Exhibition is the largest annual wind conference and exhibition in the world featuring over 13,000 attendees and over 776 exhibitors. Each year, wind energy professionals gather at this event to learn about the latest industry developments and technologies, review new products and services, and network with leading industry decision makers. Read More

Cassidy Moulton speaks at the IAHSA Annual Spring Conference and Exhibitor Showcase

Iowa Events Center, Des Moines, IA
May 6, 2009

WECC Wind Consultant Cassidy Moulton will be speaking on the topic of "Wind Energy Opportunities." Cassidy will explain the steps of a wind project and how to make wind a reality for you. The presentation will be held from 11 AM to 12:30 PM on Wednesday, May 6. Read More

WECC answers questions about LEED building

LEED building with or without renewable energy?
April 30, 2009

Often when a "design and build" company evaluates alternative design options in order to reach a LEED certification goal, renewable energy components drop out because they are too costly.  However, upon completion of a more sophisticated financial analysis, a LEED design with renewable energy can be less costly in the long run.

WECC's "Renewable Energy and LEED Certification" describes the connection between renewable energy and LEED points and describes ways to finance a renewable energy project that does not impact the cost...Learn more about incorporating clean, renewable energy into your LEED design.

Increasing the accuracy of your wind studies during prospecting

WECC explains the benefits of using SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) to gather wind data
April 29, 2009

When prospecting for sites that are suitable for a wind farm, a developer must evaluate a large number of sites and narrow them down to ones that have the highest potential. WECC's "SODAR for Wind Projects" explains that with SODAR based measurements, a developer is able to evaluate multiple sites with an order of magnitude higher accuracy compared to traditional methods.

Although SODAR may seem like an expensive option, it is not only cost effective in the prospecting phase; it also provides the basis for layout of turbines that can yield higher energy production over the entire lifetime of a wind farm...Learn the other benefits of using SODAR; an innovative, economical, and flexible solution.

Should you believe what the manufacturer is telling you?

WECC explores how to verify claims of turbine manufacturers
April 28, 2009

A growing number of business owners, school administrators and civic leaders are seeking to develop wind energy projects of various sizes. Among the challenges in piecing together a wind project is the selection of a wind turbine. There are several factors used to determine the appropriate wind turbine for each project. Primary among these is using the manufacturer’s rated capacity to estimate energy production. However, some turbine manufacturers claim higher energy production than what a customer will realize.

WECC's "Truth in Rate Capacity of Turbine" is a concise analysis of what a turbine’s rated capacity means, how the rated capacity is determined, and how to quickly verify a manufacturer’s power rating and power curve...Learn how to verify if a turbine's actual production will ever measure up to its claim.

Renewable Energy and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification
April 28, 2009

In the recent years there has been a big push toward attaining LEED certification of buildings. In this entry I will describe the connection between renewable energy and LEED points, and describe ways to finance a renewable energy project that does not impact the cost.

When a "Design and Build" company proposes a LEED design to a developer, it chooses the most cost effective components of the design such that the points add up to the desired LEED level. For instance, if a designer wants to achieve a Gold level of LEED certification, then it needs 39 to 51 points. Inserting renewable energy generation into a project is a very expensive way to achieve this Gold target. There are several other significantly less expensive design options to accomplish the same goal. Read More

SODAR based Wind Measurements for Prospecting
April 28, 2009

Sonic Detection and Ranging (SODAR) is a ground based remote sensing technique for measuring wind speed in the three directions. It is based on Doppler shift in the frequency of the sound waves that are backscattered by temperature fluctuations in the atmosphere.

As the hub heights and blade lengths of turbines have increased, met-tower based measurements at 40, 50 and 60 meters, or sometimes 80 meters height are inadequate to provide an accurate estimate for wind speed at the hub height, let alone over the entire turbine rotor. With both hub heights and rotor diameter above 85m, met-towers of height 150m or more would be required to measure the wind speed over the entire turbine rotor. This would be cost prohibitive. SODAR provides an economical method to measure wind speed in this range of heights. Read More

A Florida wind company proves entire county is ripe for development

New Study Tactics prove that Graham County could be a developer's dream
April 27, 2009

With the help of Jacksonville, Florida's Wind Energy Consulting & Contracting, Inc. (WECC) Graham County, Kansas has taken the initiative to show the earning potential of their land...Read More

Truth in Rated Capacity and Power Curve of Turbines
April 27, 2009

Among the challenges in piecing together a wind project is the selection of a wind turbine. Several factors are used to determine the appropriate wind turbine for each project. Primary among these is using the manufacturer's rated capacity to estimate energy production.

Some turbine manufacturers claim higher turbine name-plate capacity and therefore higher energy production than what a customer will realize. We have observed this most frequently in smaller vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) and less frequently in horizontal axis wind turbines (HAWT). This is a particular problem if power ratings and power curves are not certified by an independent agency. Read More

Cost of Energy for Small Wind Projects
April 17, 2009

In this entry I will talk about the cost of energy for small wind projects. The previous blog addressed how the cost of energy is computed and presented the cost of energy generation for utility scale turbines. The focus of this blog entry will be on turbines that are rated 10KW or less.

To recap, the cost of energy production depends on average annual energy production (AEP), total cost of installation, recurring cost for operations and maintenance, and the discount rate. Read More

Forum called to look at ways TVA can increase use of renewable sources

April 17, 2009

Marie Eckstein, an executive with Dow Corning, held up a glittering chunk of metal before the audience gathered Thursday for a TVA Congressional Caucus on renewable energy. "You won't see this in nature," she said, as light flickered off silver facets of the fist-sized object...Read More

Cost of Producing Wind Energy
April 10, 2009

In this entry I will describe how the cost of generating energy is computed, compare the cost of alternative sources of generating energy, and provide estimates for cost per kWh of energy from distributed wind projects of size 1MW to 3MW.

The debate about comparing costs of energy can become heated.  People with vested interests in a project naturally want to predict lower cost per kWh for their favorite generation method and predict higher cost per kWh for the rest.  In this article we will present a range of costs for comparison purposes.  WECC understands wind energy and is very familiar with the various wind energy project costs; we rely on independent sources for costing information about non-wind projects. Read More

Glenn Mauney invited to participate in the Charlotte Energy Summit

Charlotte, North Carolina
April 6, 2009

The Charlotte Energy Summit is a collaborative effort of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, the Charlotte Regional Partnership, and Duke Energy. The summit is intended to bring together approximately 45 energy-related companies to develop a strategic action plan that will position the region as a nationally recognized Energy Cluster. Read More

WECC sponsors and speaks at the IFMA Industries Forum 2009

Vancouver, B.C., Canada
March 31- April 2, 2009

IFMA's third annual Industries Forum will provide in-depth educational sessions relevant to more than 10 industries including corporate facilities, environmental health and safety and manufacturing.  WECC's attendees at the event will include Glenn Mauney, Director of Business Development East and Dr. Pramod Jain, Chief Technology Officer.  Along with sponsorship of the event, WECC's Dr. Pramod Jain has been invited to host an educational session on the topic of wind solutions for facility managers. Read More

Economics of a Wind Project
March 27, 2009

In this blog I will discuss the economics of a wind project, with a focus on total installed cost of a wind project.

The most recent source of total installed cost of wind project is from the January 2009 issue of WindPower Monthly.  It reported that the average total cost of fully installed projects in 2008 was 1,502 Euros per KW (or $1,950/KW at 1.3 conversion rate).  The average was take over 3,600MW of installs worldwide in 2008.  The range of costs was 1,300 to 1,700 Euros per KW.  Although this data is skewed towards large wind farm projects, it serves as a lower bound for a community wind project of size 1 MW to 10MW. Read More

Dr. Pramod Jain chosen to present at LAWEA workshop

Huatulco, Oaxaca
March 26-27, 2009

Dr. Pramod Jain, WECC's chief technology officer, will present "Locale Specific Parameters in Financial Modeling of Wind Projects" at LAWEA's first technical workshop in Huatulco, Oaxaca.   The goal of the workshop is to explore development of a wind farm, from its analysis, evaluation and study, to its implementation, operation and maintenance.  Each topic is discussed by leaders of wind development in Latin America. Read More

A few common questions about wind projects, from the Technical Side
March 26, 2009

In this blog I will list common questions that we have encountered from organizations that are considering adding wind energy to their portfolio of energy resources.  In subsequent blogs I will answer the questions in some detail and point you to resources that will help you to answer the question.  As with any endeavor like this, answers are not always crisp and precise; the answer usually starts with “It depends.” In my answers I will help you to understand: A) What the answer depends on?  B) Why does the answer depend on it?  and C) Any other the issues related to the answer. Read More

Wind is But a Piece of the Puzzle
March 25, 2009

Glenn Mauney invited to speak as the expert on renewable energy at the IFMA City & Country Club Council Meeting

Charlottesville, VA
March 22- 24, 2009

The newly formed City & Country Club Council has requested Glenn Mauney, WECC s Director of Business Development East, to speak about wind energy in the spectrum of alternative energy.  The council of more than 20 facility managers eagerly contacted WECC because of the strong interest in the company and the wind industry. Read More

WECC sponsors IFMA's Sustainability Summit

San Diego, CA
February 24, 2009

Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting are the official sponsors of the International Facility Management Association's Sustainability Conference. WECC's Director of Business Development, Mike Steinke, and EVP Sales and Marketing, Matt Tuohy are representing WECC as experts in the implementation of sustainable practices.  Read More

Glenn Mauney set to speak at the Making Energy Work Conference

Raleigh, NC
February 3, 2009

Glenn Mauney, WECC's Director of Business Development, will speak on the fundamentals of renewable energy technologies. The session will explore technologies that harness the energy potential for wind, solar, and landfill gas resources. Glenn will provide an overview of wind technology including its cost trends, economic and environmental benefits, and siting and operational challenges.  Read More

Glenn Mauney sits on the panel of the Wind Energy Workshop for Eastern NC

Plymouth, NC
January 30, 2009

WECC's Director of Business Development, Glenn Mauney, will be speaking as the expert on the wind development process. In the morning, Glenn will speak directly to government officials regarding wind development. In the afternoon, he will speak on the wind development process as it pertains to farmers and landowners.

OREC elects Mike Steinke as board member
January 19, 2009

Congratulations to our own Mike Steinke, Director of Business Development West, the newest member of the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council.  The Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council (OREC) is a broad coalition of individuals, companies, organizations, and agencies working to develop Oklahoma's bountiful renewable energy resources. 

Currently, OREC is working to recruit a major wind turbine manufacturer to the state, educate landowners, policy makers and the general public about renewable energy, stimulate locally owned renewable energy projects and encourage local companies to become more involved in renewable development.

Newest Autry class to give overview of wind energy

Enid News and Eagle
December 16, 2008

The nation is striving for energy independence, and Autry Technology Center is amongst those leading the way. Now open for enrollment is Autry Tech's new class, "Intro to Wind Energy," which will begin Jan.13.  The lead instructor of the course will be WECC's Mike Steinke with Pramod Jain, Ph.D., WECC's Chief Technology Officer, assisting with the instruction of the technical curriculum...Read More

Wind Power is fast-tracked in the Caribbean

The St. Kitts and Nevis government sees the enormous benefits of wind energy
December 11, 2008

Wind Energy Consulting & Contracting, Inc. (WECC), a full service wind energy company based in Jacksonville, Fla., partnered with North Star International, LLC, the developer, and its local subsidiary North Star St. Kitts, LTD to install up to 20MW of clean energy on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean...Read More

WECC's presence felt at Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Regional Wind Energy Institute Annual Meeting

Alexandria, VA
November 13-14, 2008

Glenn Mauney, Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting's Director of Business Development, participated as a member of the Developer's panel at the 2nd Annual Mid-Atlantic/Southeast Regional Wind Energy Institute Meeting.
Read More

Wind Expo LAWEA 2008

Guadalajara, Mexico
November 5-7, 2008

"Wind Power and Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition"
WECC's Pramod Jain, Ph.D., has been invited to speak at the event on the one-off model and small wind projects. Read More

Mundelein School District Looks to Wind to Power Schools

Chicago Tribune
October 10, 2008

With an eye on the environment and the bottom line, school officials in north suburban Mundelein hope to capitalize on the wind to power the district and illuminate its classrooms... Read More

9th Annual Kansas Wind & Renewable Energy Conference

Topeka, Kansas
September 23 - 24, 2008

Wind Energy Consulting & Contracting was a proud sponsor of the 9th Annual Kansas Wind & Renewable Energy Conference...Read More

Could wind turbines be coming to Fremont District 79?

The St. Kitts and Nevis government sees the enormous benefits of wind energy
September 4, 2008

Fremont School District 79 is looking into the possibility of harnessing its own wind power for the purpose of providing energy to its schools...Read More

Schools Look to Wind Power for Energy Savings

Oklahoma School Board Journal, July-August 2008
February 25, 2008

Wind power is one of the fastest growing and economical energy sources available...Read More

Wind questions answered at Public Forum on Wind Energy in Morehead NC
February 25, 2008

The NC Solar Center at NC State University and the NC Wind Working Group (NC WWG) held a Public Forum on Wind Energy...Read More

'Nassau entrepreneur ready to harness the wind'

The Florida Times-Union
February 11, 2008

Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting of Fernandina Beach is hoping to bring wind turbine electric generators to the Florida landscape...Read More

'Wherever there's wind, that's where we go'

The Florida Times-Union, Nassau Sun
January 30, 2008

Wind Energy Consulting and Contracting of Fernandina Beach is hoping to bring wind turbine electric generators to the Florida landscape...Read More


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