Wind Industry Growing Stronger, Getting Cheaper

Wind energy only continues to grow and become an important part of the energy mix.  South Dakota and Iowa receive more than 25% of their energy from wind power, and nine states generate 10% or more from wind.  It’s also becoming cheaper.  According to AWEA CEO Tom Kiernan, the cost per megawatt hour (MWh) of wind energy in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) has steadily decreased, starting as high as $47 per MWh, and finishing as low as about $25 per MWh in […]

Top 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Distributed Wind

The Department of Energy released a list of the top nine things you didn’t know about distributed energy.  Mentioned in the article on is the 2013 Distributed Wind Power Market Report, which is definitely worth the read! Here is the top nine: 9. Distributed wind power is used at or near where it is generated, as opposed to wind power from wholesale generation, where power is sent to consumers via transmission lines and substations. Employed by households, schools, farms, industrial facilities and municipalities, […]

Wind Power Making Tuition Affordable for Students

From (Watch the video here) HAYS, Kansas – Two huge wind turbines went online last year to generate electricity for Fort Hays State University. Now, faculty and especially students are finding out just how the “green energy” is helping cut costs, including tuition. The wind turbines can be seen from the Fort Hays campus. and it’s helping cut the university’s electricity costs. “About two years ago, Dr. Ed Hammond had the vision that we should take advantage of the […]

More project press

Roth: A lesson outside the Drummond classroom By Jim Roth Guest Columnist Posted: 06:52 PM Friday, July 5, 2013 Read more: Many knowledgeable people in the utility industry are predicting a future of decentralized or distributive power generation, where the power source is smaller and closer to the need, rather than giant power plants wheeling electrons across a state’s transmission lines. This trend is beginning to reveal itself in the unlikeliest of places, a rural school district with a progressive future, […]

WECC in the news again

WECC made the news in Drummond, Oklahoma recently as well. Drummond Schools wind turbines finish the first month of electricity production By Jessica Salmond, Staff WriterEnid News and Eagle ENID, Okla. — After the first month of energy production, Drummond Public Schools joins a small population of state schools turning to wind power. The five Drummond wind turbines completed the first month of production in June, as the grant for the project closed out Friday. A provision of the grant […]

WECC in the news

WECC made the news in Hays, Kansas recently. Turbines begin dotting the skyline 6/10/2013 By JUDY SHERARD It’s taken more than six years — and cost $9 million — but the dream of wind energy for Fort Hays State University soon will be a reality. Crews from PNE Corp., based in Washington, began working last week installing the first of two 400-foot wind turbines for the university. “We started receiving deliveries Friday (May 31) and finished Saturday,” said Wayne […]